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A collection of kids' favorite animals Imagine a magical piece of folding paper that gets really, really big..it's filled with colorful cartoon images of kids' favorite animals. each time you unfold the paper. That's what makes kids love Animal Mistake. And that's why they'll call you out on each mistake you make, and laugh out loud at the big, visual finale. Now imagine those images morphing into each other Do dreams come true?" ask your audience as you show prediction envelope. Then a child selects a picture of an animal from proudly show an illustration of a rabbit. The kids tell you you're wrong-and that's when the magical morphing of the animals begins-right before their eyes. a little coloring book. You open the envelope and Each time you unfold the gets bigger and the illustration magically changes. Your audien- ce will see the rabbit become a small dog, which will elongate into a dachshund, which will transform into a seal and then a chicken and finally a stork. Every time you insist that your animal prediction is right... and each time the kids will tell you that you've made an Animal Mistake as they shout, "It's supposed to be an elephant! You make a joke about storks, and long time ago people thought they delivered babies. You unfold the last part of the giant paper and show the stork was actually carrying a little elephant! Luis Zavaleta and Professor Otto from Peru based this prop and routine on Dick Stoner's "Grave Mistake. Kids love watching the paper grow as it unfolds and constantly reveals a new animal! You get .A pre-folded, super-big (23 x 15 inches /57 x 39 cm) animal prediction printed on high quality paper and plastified both sides for high durability. A special animal-filled Svengali coloring book, which allows you to force the elephant easily Online video instructions. If you perform magic or clowning for youngsters, you'll make no mistake when you buy and perform Animal Mistake at your next kids show.


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